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Paying Invoices/Applying Credits

To apply your credit, click on the follow link - You may need to log in first. Use the forgot password to create a password if you have never logged in before.

From the Invoices and payment tab in your member profile, you can select the invoices you want to pay, and the credits you want to apply.

After choosing the appropriate invoices and credits, click the Pay online button if the credit being applied is less than the selected invoice amounts...

...or click the Settle button if the credit being applied equals the selected invoice amounts.

If you don't have any open invoices yet, first register for an event, and during the check-out process select Invoice Me option. Then return to your profile and follow steps above to apply the credit.

You can also have the money refunded to you or transferred to another golfer. To receive a refund, please let us know your preferred method (Venmo, PayPal or Zelle) and we will send you the money. If you would like to transfer to another golfer, just give us their name and we will apply the credit to their account.


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