Pacific Group Golf

Membership Levels

We have created multiple membership levels depending on your status with the Pacific Group Golf Club.


This membership level is the default level for all contacts. As a guest, you will be including in our mailing list, be able to sign up for Events, keep your contact information up to date and more.

Cost for this membership level is Free.

Full Membership

This is membership in the Pacific Group Golf Club. As a Full Member, you have selected Pacific Group as the only or primary golf club. You can sign up with other clubs as a secondary member, but Pacific Group will be the primary. 

Annual cost for membership is $70.

For a full list of member benefits, click here.


As a Multi-Member, you have all the same benefits as a Full Member, but you are already a primary member at another golf club, and you have joined Pacific Group Golf Club as a secondary member. 

Annual cost for this membership is $40.

Call Us

Morgan Douglas 661-857-1130

Sean Cunningham 818-231-2389


28725 Greenwood Place, Castaic, CA 91384

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